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Friday, March 25, 2016

Family Friday: The Tree


I stood in the forest growing so strong
From all of my companions I was numbered among
They picked me out as the rough barked tree
To crucify the Saviour of men on the hard wood of me
I felt each blow as they cut me down 
Then pared of the branches of my leaf topped crown 
And used one of them, the limbs of my loss 
To nail it to my trunk and form me as a cross 

They brought Jesus out with His thorn crowned head 
The wounds of His body were dripping blood red 
And they tossed me over His shoulder to carry me along 
But they had abused Him so much He was no longer strong 

He could not carry me but I carried His frame 
For He was fixed to my trunk and they pinned on me His name 
As they nailed His hands and feet I felt that I could 
Feel His pain; each nail through Him also pierced into my wood 

Secured to my timber, they lifted us both high 
And they stood back to mock and watch Jesus die 
In the long dreadful hours so solemn and dark 
I felt His poor body writhe on my bark 

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