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Wednesday, July 20, 2016



Sometimes we ask God for things, and then we forget to thank Him and praise Him when he answers them.  I would like to list some prayers that God has answered for me and my family.  These are not answers to prayer that will shock and amaze you;  these are the prayers that many of us pray but don’t usually continue to thank God for, or simply fail to thank Him at all.  Sometime we need to remember the "small" answers to our prayers.

1.      I have a wife that is saved, loves God, and serves with me in the ministry.   
When I was a young man, I prayed for God to give me a wife that would love God and be faithful.  Now that God has answered my prayer, I thank Him for answering that prayer on a daily basis.
2.      Two of my three children have been saved. 
Since my children were born, I have prayed that they would be saved at an early age.  I continue to thank God that two of them have been saved and pray that the third will continue to listen and learn and be saved soon.  (He is only 4)
3.      I get to serve God with my life.
Since I was a young man, I prayed that God would allow me to serve Him with my life.  I have been privileged to serve Him now in a local church since I was a teenager.
4.      I have a great church with a man of God for a pastor.
Many people pray that God will lead them to a good Bible-believing church, and then get mad at the church or pastor that God gave to them. 
5.      I have been kept safe in my travels.
I have traveled many places and at different times in my life.  I have not only traveled on family trips, but also on many school and class trips in a bus.  Before leaving, I pray that God will keep us safe and protect us on the highway as we drive.
6.   I have had God supply my needs
      God has not supplied all my wants, but I have not had a need that He has not
      supplied for me. 
Many of us pray for protection, to have God supply our needs, for our children to be saved, or to let God use us to help others.  How many times has God answered these prayers and we do not remember?  If God has answered your "small" prayers, don't neglect to remember and thank Him for them.

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