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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We Pray Wednesday: 10 things to pray for your spouse

We know that we should pray every day for our spouse.  Many times, however, we simply pray for them by name and do not pray specific things for them, (at least that is usually what I do).  There are many ways to be more specific.  There are challenges that you can download to help you pray specifically for your spouse for 30 or 31 days.  If that is what you do, GREAT, don't stop doing it.  Most of us, myself included, need to pray MORE for our spouse.  Below is a list that I found to help me to pray better for my spouse on a daily basis.  This list is not mineI simply found that it works best for me to help me pray for my spouse.


1.  That God will be their God. If God is their focus, everything else will fall into the right place.   If anything else is in first place, including you, everything else will fail.


2.  To increase their faith in God.  They should have their faith in God, not in the things that this world can offer.


3.  To intensify their joy in God.  True joy can only come from God.  If their joy is in God, they will find the happiness and peace that many seek.


4.  To soften their heart from the hardness of life.   Life is hard.  We do not want our spouse to become hard from all of the things that life throws at us.  


5. To make them to cherish the church.  The Bible says that the church is the body of Christ.  We love ourselves and each other, yet sometime fail to love the body of Christ.  We should want them to build relationships in church that challenge and encourage them to walk in the truth of God's Word.


6.  To give them wisdom from GodThe only true wisdom is from God and His Word.


7.  Sustain their health. Pray that God will give them the health and energy that they need to be the Christian that God can use.


8.  Multiply their Godly influence to others.  Everyone has influence.  Ask God to help them influence others, including yourself and your children, to become more like GOD and to show the lost their need for God.


9.  Make them hear God's voice.  As they read the Bible, they will see how God wants to use them.  Also, as they hear the preaching of the Bible, they will hear God's voice and He will show them how to become a better Christian.


10.  Overcome them with your Holy Spirit. We need the Holy Spirit on us on a daily basis so that we can become more like Christ.  We live in our flesh and this sinful world every day.  If the Holy Spirit is not on us, we will not have the right spirit.  

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