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Friday, November 18, 2016

Family Friday: Jessica's Story

November 20, 2011 – The Day God Spared my Life

God is all about time. Not a certain number of days or years, ~ A time for everything in our lives for every purpose He has planned for us and everyone else under heaven.
Five years ago today should've been my time to die. I was thrown from a car going 80mph on a pitch black highway. But, instead it was my time to be built up ~ to really experience God on a level I never have before and probably never will again until heaven.
It's amazing to me how real God was to me that night five years ago. It's like He was right there. He took away my fear. He gave me Peace. He protected me. He was my rescuer, my deliverer. I literally saw how His wings had covered me so that the window that shredded my stomach didn't cut deep enough to hit any organs. I got 80 staples, but no organs were hit!!! I also know His arms lifted me up and gently placed me on the ground on the side of the highway so no cars hit me and no head trauma was present. I marveled at His presence with me during that time. I relive it often. It's one of my favorite memories, because after that accident no one could ever tell me my God is not real. I heard Him that night. I saw His handiwork. He was all I needed for such a time as that.
Is it like that every day? No. But He is all I need ~ the joy in the mundane of everyday life. He is the grace I need in the valleys of hurt and unforgiveness. He is the mercy in my times of rebellion. He is the shelter I need in the rainy depressing times. He is always what is needed for just the time of life I'm in.
I don't know the reason why God spared me that day. But I do know that I want to be for others what He is for me always. For our little girl, I want to be the healing love she needs for such a time as this. If you're my friend, I want to be an exhorter and encourager in your times of need. If God has our paths to cross, I want to be what He needs me to be for you since there is a purpose in the time He has us in each others' lives. All of our purposes are so unique, yet so intertwined ~ I don't want to get so caught up in God’s plan for me that I don't help others realize Gods purpose for them.

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