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Friday, February 3, 2017

Family Friday: Golden Words

Can your words make a difference in your children's lives?  The answer is “Yes!”  You are the most influential person to them, the one with the most pull, the one whom they look to for guidance.  Our words can either lift them up or tear them down.  Try it on yourself in the mirror; do you smile at yourself, or do you frown when you say “I love you”? 
Children feel the same as adults do when we hear positive and encouraging words; however, children are more open about their feelings.  When we are praised, we sometimes deflect it.  When children are praised, they often light up.  Do your children light up when you talk to them?  Try at least four times a day to say something positive to your child.  You might have to work at this if you haven’t made a habit of lifting up your child, but it is very much worth the effort!  If you have to schedule it, then do so until it becomes a habit.  For example, try speaking a positive phrase when they wake up, before they leave for school, when they come home from school, and before they go to bed.  Hopefully, it will soon become second nature.  In turn, they will learn the blessing of speaking kindly to others.
Maybe you think you need some help, or that you can’t think of anything positive or encouraging to say.  The following list is just a fraction of things to say.  Start with these, and then come up with some of your own.  One of the best verses about this habit is found in Proverbs 31:26
She openeth her mouth with wisdom;
and in her tongue is the law of kindness.”

1.      I love you very much!                
2.     I’m so glad you’re my child!
3.    If I could pick anyone to be mine, it would be you.
4.    I forgive you; it will be okay.
5.     I’m sorry.  Parents make mistakes, too.
6.    You did a great job!
7.     You did your best, and I’m so proud of you.
8.    I prayed for you to make good choices, and you did.
9.    Your smile is wonderful!
10.            I like spending time with you.
11.   It’s hard to do the right thing, but you did it.  Good for you!
12.  You handled that really well.
13.  Thank you for putting others first.
14.  I see improvement in ( an area they are struggling with).
15.   It’s okay to make mistakes.  Just learn from them.  I still love you.

Be an uplifter of your children, and see the rewards from it!

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