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Friday, March 31, 2017

Family Friday: Calm Mornings

 Calm Mornings:  Fact or Fantasy?
          Do you ever see families at church on Sunday morning and think they have it all together?  Then you reflect on your morning and wish it had been like you believe theirs was?  You may be surprised that they have been thinking the same thing about you!  Mornings can be hard for everybody, no matter how you think they must have it all together.  There are a few things you can do, however, that can help your mornings go more smoothly.
  1.  Wake up early enough to spend time with God.
There are times we think we have too much to do to spend much time with God, but the opposite is true.  The days we have more to accomplish or more things to deal with are the days we need to spend even more time with God than usual.
  1. Wake your children up early enough for them to get ready with a few minutes to spare.
Each person takes a different amount of time to get ready, so wake each child accordingly.  If children have morning chores, make sure enough time is allotted for those.  Try to plan for five extra minutes “just in case”.
  1. Get as much ready the night before as possible.
Prepare as much in advance as you can.  Get out all of the clothing or uniform accessories needed, match socks and shoes, pack non-refrigerated snack and lunch items, and set backpacks close to the door.  If you can prevent chaos and stress, then do so!
  1. Plan breakfast.
Maybe have a weekly menu, or just figure out the night before what you will be eating the next day.  Then you don’t have to come up with an idea in the morning.  Coming up with ideas can be hard if you are not a morning person!
  1. Play good Christian music.
This can help create a pleasant atmosphere, especially if the people in your house don’t always have a pleasant attitude when they are woken up.  Some music is more conducive to pleasant atmospheres than others, so be wise in your choices.  The music can continue in the car ride to school as well.
  1. Pray together.
This doesn’t have to be a long, special prayer time together.  Sometimes just a few sentences asking God to bless each person’s day can remind them that God is always with them.
  1. Smile!
It’s hard to get angry and yell at your children for not keeping up with the schedule when you’re smiling.  Purposely use kind words and softer tones.  Sometimes we get loud and stern without even thinking about how we sound.  Think before you talk, especially after just waking up!

These suggestions are no guarantee that your mornings will be perfect or even great.  However, they surely will improve your morning routine!  Try a few or all of them.  May your calm mornings begin soon!

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