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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Pray Wednesday: His Ways are not Our Ways

 Written by Robert Holley

Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  I had read this verse before, but didn't think it was that true.  I thought that the way I would do it is the way that God would also, but I was wrong.
        In October of 2004, I was diagnosed with sudden complete kidney failure.  As a 27 year old with two children, I did not understand why God would let this happen, but it did.  For the next five years, I had to do dialysis to keep myself as healthy as possible to receive a transplant.  By the grace of God, I was relatively healthy.
        Because of a blood transfusion I had received, I was not cleared to receive a kidney transplant until December of 2008.  On Friday night March 7, 2009, I received a phone call from the transplant doctors telling me that I could possibly receive a kidney transplant.  I was not the first in line, but if the person ahead of me was not able to receive it, then I would be next.  They told me that I would receive a phone call the next day to let me know.  My wife and I called all the people we knew to pray that I would receive it.  On Saturday morning, I went to our church bus meeting and asked for prayer concerning this.  Before the meeting was over, I received a call that told me that I WOULD NOT be receiving this kidney, and that I would have to wait for the next one that was available.  Although I was disappointed, I went and visited my bus route and then went to our new church building to help with its construction.  Later, I left and went to my part time job delivering pizza and then went home to begin getting ready for church the next day. 
        Just before I began my home dialysis, I received a call on my phone telling me that I WOULD NOW RECEIVE the kidney.  I told them I would be there in 30 minutes.  They told me some things I needed to do before coming to the hospital and that it would do me no good to die in a car accident before getting the kidney.  I hurriedly called many friends and relatives to tell them the great news, and to make sure that all of my areas were covered at church for Sunday. 
        When I arrived, they had to do some test to make sure that all was well before the transplant.  Five things stick in my mind about that night.
1.  My wife had to repack the suitcases for my children because after being told I was not getting the kidney, she had unpacked them so everything would be put back away. 
2.  Time change took place that evening and the nurses were glad that they did not have to work as long.
3.  The transplant doctor showed up with a Mt. Dew in his hand before starting my 3-4 hour transplant surgery.
4.  They asked me if I still wanted the transplant before wheeling me into surgery for the transplant.
5.   God's way for me to get a transplant was not his way.
        Since receiving my transplant now seven years ago, I have only been in the hospital once for a slight infection of my dialysis port that was to be removed the next week.  God has not only blessed me with good health, but also with a four and a half year old son.  I also had the privilege of winning a man and his family to the Lord.  He had kidney failure and was on dialysis just like I was.  He has now passed away, but his family and I know that we will see him again someday.  I would not have chosen this way for my life, but his ways are higher and better than mine will ever be.

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