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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

We Pray Wednesday: Answer to Prayer - Cheri Endicott

Music is a REALLY big deal in our family. Several months ago our son's trumpet got a hole in the lead pipe right in the middle of his competitions, and we had to wrap duct tape around it until we could get it repaired. His teacher told us that it was time to move him from a student trumpet to a professional trumpet.  We shopped online and saw that this was going to cost $1,000 used or up to $2,600 new. (Way out of our price range....we really enjoy eating on a daily basis.)
When we went to the music store to leave his trumpet for repairs, he played some of the new Bach Stradivarius trumpets.....and yes, this mom and son were coveting. Pressure turned on dad to buy our son a new trumpet, so he could have one to play for the national competition. This mama would have put it on a payment plan in a heartbeat if dad would have allowed it.  What a struggle it was for him to make a decision.  My husband REALLY wanted to give our son a new trumpet, but knew financially that he couldn't. He prayed and then said, "I believe the Lord is going to have to provide for this one. I believe the Lord can give us one that we can afford or He will send us the money to buy a new one."
This mom and son left with our hearts broken and our heads down, and I am sure that dad was begging God for a miracle. As we drove away from the store, we received a phone call from papa telling us that one of our former youth had a Bach Stradivarius for sale at his thrift store on Facebook. No kidding!!!!  The trumpet was 40 years old, had numerous dings, silver was missing and tarnished, and it had a seriously crumpled bell.  It wasn't anything to look at, but it was the kind of trumpet that we needed. We asked if we could take it to a repair shop to see if it could be repaired for a reasonable price. 
To shorten the story, it was repairable, and our former youth deeply discounted the price to make it affordable. We knew it could be repaired to a playable condition, but the outside possibly couldn't be restored.
We just got the trumpet back today, and nearly cried. It is beautiful!!! Not only were they able to restore the dings and the crumpled bell, but the silver was only tarnished and not worn away as it had first appeared! The repairman broke the slide while trying to get the trumpet apart to clean it, and the company paid to have a new slide made at no charge to us!!!! (That was the only part really wrong with the trumpet in the first place!)  God provided what our son needed in a miraculous way by giving us a professional trumpet at a fraction of the cost!  God is good - all the time!

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