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Friday, June 9, 2017

Family Friday: Great Expectations

 Great Expectations

          We naturally want the best for our children, and sometimes we push them to succeed.  Maybe we push them in the area of good grades, sports, service, or character.   This is good training for adult life where everyone expects your best.  However, we can not expect perfection from our children.
          This is an area in which I struggle.  I get busy doing all of the tasks which need to be done and begin almost “barking” orders for my children to follow so that we will accomplish our goals or tasks for the day.  I know what I want and what I mean when I assign a task, but I don’t always take the time to fully explain it.  Perhaps it is an oversight, or perhaps I am expecting them to complete the task as an adult would.  When the job is done, but not exactly to my expectations, I often get irritated and frustrated; unfortunately, I don’t always hide it.  I need to realize that much of the fault lies at my door for not fully explaining my expectations, but also for not remembering that my children are just that: children.
          Yes, you can hold your children to a high standard and push them to be the best that they can be!  Just remember that they are no more perfect than you are.  Colossians 3:21 reminds us to not provoke our children to anger so they are not discouraged.  Expectations of perfection are discouraging!  Help your children aim high, and be an encourager!

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