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Friday, June 30, 2017

Family Friday: I Still Do

I Still Do

            Romance when you are dating is easy to define:  the guy brings the girl flowers, the girl bakes his favorite dessert, they stroll along the beach in the moonlight.  These things are obvious acts of romance, and they are all a fun part of showing affection.  Many times the person planning the romantic moment will put a lot of time and planning into it and looks forward to pleasing their “other half”.   Fast-forward ten or fifteen years into the marriage; what in the relationship would be defined as romance?
            Romance is actually found more in the thoughts of the couple towards each other.  A husband washing dishes for his exhausted wife is actually somewhat romantic, because he is putting her care and comfort before his own.  A wife fixing her husband’s favorite meal is romantic because she is considering his likes and enjoyment over her own (especially if she doesn’t like the meal J).  The seemingly little things our spouse enjoys that we notice without being told, then do them, express romance.
            Daily romance does not require money, but it does require time and thought.   Occasional “big” shows of romance are a nice reminder of how much your spouse means to you: things like flowers, an anniversary trip, little gifts “just because”.  Those things are special, but the daily romance is what will make you want to say “I still do” many years down the road.
            There are many aspects of marriage that make a good marriage into a great one, and the first on the list is putting God first above your spouse.  With that solid foundation,  work on putting your spouse above yourself.  Daily look for ways to make the other’s job or load just a little lighter.  This daily romance goes far towards keeping your relationship strong.

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