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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Pray Wednesday: Prayer Testimony - Allen Family

Written by John & Cherie Allen

In December, I traveled to Golden State Baptist College to meet Jonathan, a young man who had taken a special interest in my daughter, Hannah.  He and my daughter were graduating in May of the next year.  He had intentions of going back to his home church and then starting a new church in Yerington, Nevada, a town thirty minutes away.  I communicated my expectations that I wanted a summary of what he was planning to do and how he was going to support my daughter before I would grant approval for them to get engaged.  I was also concerned over the fact that Hannah was suffering from fatigue and significant joint pain from what doctors had diagnosed as lupus.  We prayed together and I gave my blessing for them to enter into courtship.  From this point forward, my wife and I prayed that God’s will would be done and that he would guide Jonathan and Hannah.
As time passed, I learned that my requirement for a plan was a bit of a surprise to Jonathan.  Jonathan kept me posted as God’s plan and provision unfolded.  His home pastor made arrangements to rent a building in Yerington that had been a small church and they began meeting on Sunday afternoons.  Jonathan put his plan together, and I gave him my blessing for them to get engaged.  Meanwhile, Hannah was in so much pain as a result of the lupus that she decided that she couldn’t continue in college and would have to come home.  The college very graciously made arrangements for her to complete her student teaching through Central Baptist School in Baton Rouge.  She was able to complete the requirements toward her degree and walked with her class in May.  We were able to get Hannah to a doctor who prescribed natural means of treating her lupus and her symptoms all but went away over time as long as she was faithful in taking her supplements.  This was a huge answer to prayer in knowing God had given us a natural way to treat Hannah’s health issues and seeing her functioning normally again was a miracle of God’s grace.
Upon Jonathan’s graduation he served as co-pastor of Harvest Baptist Church in Yerington, Nevada over the next few months before becoming the pastor.  His income was provided by the offerings of the church, which was clearly not enough to support a family.  However, an older couple not affiliated with the church decided to offer their rental property free of charge after remodeling much of it.  Again, God answered our prayers for their provision.  Jonathan and Hannah set a wedding date and on October 14th they were married.  They are enjoying their life together and are constantly amazed at how God has provided to meet their needs.  And, Cherie and I are so blessed and our faith strengthened as we see God’s provision and care for our children as they leave our home.

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