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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We Pray Wednesday: Prayer Testimony - Sharon

 (Written by Sharon McNutt, a long-time member of Grace Baptist Church)

Pour out your heart

Realize God will answer

Always believe

Yield to what God says

Our biggest answered prayer came 6-1/2 years ago wrapped in a blue blanket.

We are the parents to an only child - a son.  He in return married an only child.  We knew when they married that our daughter-in-law may not be able to have any children.
We prayed for many years for a grandchild.  We prayed for a natural grandchild or an adopted one.  We would accept and love whatever God blessed us with.

After our son and daughter-in-law had been married 8 years, we thought our prayers had been answered.  We were going to be blessed with a granddaughter.  Unfortunately that adoption fell through.  Our daughter-in-law was heartbroken.  On the other hand, we never felt this was the child God had for our family.  We were right.  God had another baby, a little boy, already being created just for us.  Our prayers were answered five short months later.

He fits into our family perfectly.  No one would ever know he’s adopted because he looks like his mother and his Paw-Paw.  He has personality traits like us as well.

God created him just for us.  God is so good.  He knew just what we needed.  We look forward to seeing God’s plan for his life. 

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