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Friday, May 20, 2016

Family Friday: Trail Mix

WOW! How can anyone read these statements and not feel a twinge of guilt?  I seem to live there. I absolutely love the parts in Psalms where God is right there for you when you need Him, but tend to forget the parts like “judge not, lest ye be judged.”  It was rather apparent about a month ago. I am so judgmental.  I form an opinion by a look someone gives me, or silence perceived as anger.  I think I have a superhero power to assume the worst about people, and it’s not good. About a month ago, my husband was sitting in our office listening to a preaching cd.  I heard the special before the preaching started, and immediately started having horrible thoughts like, “Wow, that person is way off key.  That was rough. I wonder who is singing that badly…”  I walk in the office to ask my husband who that horrible singer is, only to realize midsentence, that it sounds an awful lot like me. I ask him, “Is that me?”  He looks at me, totally bewildered, and says, “Yes.”  I tell him what I was thinking and he starts to smirk.  (Totally deserved.) 
I realized then, I wanted to make excuses for why I may have sounded so badly.  I am an emotional singer, everyone sounds different when they’re recorded, I was nervous…Yet, when you really come down to it, I just sounded plain bad, no matter the reason.  It was a good lesson to learn.  I had formed an opinion about that terrible singer, only to realize it was me.  If I had given that terrible singer the benefit of the doubt beforehand like I wanted to give myself, once I realized it was me, that would have been far better.  
We are so quick to see what everyone else should fix, and we rarely give anyone the benefit of the doubt.  I am so thankful for a God that is patient and never judges the book by the cover.  And each day, I should be striving to become more like my Heavenly Father—full of patience and not judging by the exterior.(Frankly, since then, I have become way more lenient with the judgments of my fellow performers.)

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