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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday: Joan's Story

Written by Joan Boritzki-Bettinger

After just losing our second child to miscarriage since getting married May 30, 2015, God has given us a powerful strength and peace within that we have never experienced before. It feels like a deep well and the Comforter keeps drawing from it and putting the cup to our lips to drink. While we are sad and know some hard days are still to come, we are trusting in God because His plan for us has far surpassed any hope or dream we ever had for ourselves.
My heart spilled out this poem last night when sleep would not come...

That precious life You loaned us, 
For just a short sweet while 
Brought our hearts such happiness and filled us with a smile. 
You heard us daily pray for baby's 
Body mind and soul
You heard us say "we dedicate this child to You, Lord".
Then You'd hear us laugh and talk and dream of one day meeting 
That miracle You loaned us,
For just a short sweet while.
We thought that we were ready,
This little child to have 
But in Your will was planned for us 
A slightly different path.
So You gave us strength to stand 
And bravely bear this trial 
And promised that Your best for us has not yet been revealed.
So thank You, Lord, for loving us and we know all the while
We'll meet You and that precious life
In just a short sweet while.

Trust is something that has never come easy for me. As a matter of fact, I'm a suspicious person by nature. But God, in His great love, is teaching me that love conquers all. And gaining back my trust began with Him. He is the great Teacher and the Changer of lives. He proves Himself over and over again, so trust in Him, lean on Him and love Him. 
God bless you and draw you close to Him.

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