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Friday, June 24, 2016

Family Friday: What in the World?

Our world is in desperate need of families who strive to love and to serve, even when daily pressures, work and stress have them overwhelmed.

Jesus’ followers are called to stand out. To act in a way so unique and appealing that people sit up to notice, “What in the world?” This difference is love shown by a loving, serving heart:

o    A husband opening the door for his wife and compliments her
o    A wife snuggled to her husband’s side with a hand on his knee and a smile
o    Children speaking to their parents with respect and volunteering to offer a helping hand
Scenes like this get your attention, don’t they? Jesus knew they would. In John 13:35 He says, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”  In many families, love has become misplaced and reinterpreted: “You love me if you do XYZ.”

The good news is there is a better way. There is a way to be noticed ... in the right way.

Get “caught” doing this:

1.  Watch your tongue.

2.  Display gentleness and respect in your body language.

3.  Don’t think, “It’s all about me.” Love, give, serve.

4.  Work as a team in challenging times and with difficult kids.

5.  Read God’s Word to learn what “a better way looks” like.

6.  Turn to Jesus and ask for His Spirit to fill you and guide you as you strive to live positively noticeable.

7.  Finally, make kindness your first response, trusting that your family members will do the same.

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