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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We Pray Wednesday: Prayer Testimony - Angie Layrisson

How God Answered My Prayers

God is faithful and has answered so many of my prayers!! I began praying faithfully when my husband was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2014. God answered my prayers and spared his life. I had been praying since I married my husband that we would find a Bible-believing church and make it our home. God answered that prayer when a couple of young girls stopped at our house to pass out tracts. A year later, we attended Grace Baptist Church for the first time.

God answered my prayers that my husband and my youngest child would be saved and understand God’s grace and love. He once again faithfully answered my prayers and gave me a bonus of baptism for them both!

In January of this year, when I was laid off from my job, we thought we had everything. I had a great paying job, great insurance and benefits. What I was missing was an environment that included Godliness. The situation had been heavy on my heart and I did ask God to show me HIS will. He closed the door. I prayed and asked God for His plan to be revealed. Of course, learning to wait for an answer from God is the one of the most difficult things to do. We waited for 3 months. God provided the entire time for us to pay our bills. We never went without! After several let downs at job interviews, God opened a door at a job that I love. He has placed me in an environment that is healthy and working around Christians.

My husband and I had been drinkers for years. We knew it was unhealthy, but never considered it ungodly. Once we began attending church, we realized that the old man must be left behind and that to be free from this sin, we must surrender and never look back. My husband had stopped drinking about a month before me. At this point, I was starting to truly believe that I was an alcoholic. I prayed to God to take the desire from me and release this hold of sin on my life. I have not had anything to drink since that prayer. If that isn’t proof enough of the power in answered prayers I don’t think anything would convince you.

I have never been more submitted and surrendered in my life. Knowing that God has control and is the Master Planner makes each day so much easier. An awakening in my mind, heart and soul are proof of the power in prayer. I knew from childhood that God was a great God and that all things are possible through Him. God is faithful and is the only one that you can be sure he will never forsake you or leave your side.

My family's prayers were answered by me returning and being faithful to church!!!

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