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Friday, September 2, 2016

Family Friday: Chance for a Chicken

I must love my chickens because without even a second thought, I exchanged my melatonin for adrenaline and in minutes was up wearing a robe, boots, and head lantern with my dog on the leash and out the door....
You see, we have this one broody hen that just doesn't want to coop at night. Probably has a nest somewhere. I've called and tried to find her with no avail.
I heard a chicken panic yelp at 4 A.M., and rushed to the rescue.
With my heart racing, and one very bewildered dog next to me, I searched around. Sadly, I could see well enough to make out a pile of white feathers. 
My heart sunk. I checked the coop door and we headed back to bed. But I found myself just laying there. Wide eyed and frustrated....
Why did she insist on not cooping up safely at night? Whatever agenda she had couldn't be more important than risking death...
Then I felt the tugging of the Holy Spirit.
When was the last time I sacrificed sleep in prayer over someone who needed the safety of salvation?
When had I last felt this panic knowing time is most certainly running out and I wouldn't want anyone I know and love to miss out on an eternity in Heaven?
How could I have been angrier at an animal predator than I had been at the Devil in some time?
It's like I had forgotten. No matter their agenda, if they turn away salvation, one day it would be too late. Just like my chicken...
Why did my heart race wildly scared for a bird when it has gotten lax caring for souls who are dying every day facing their eternity?
God touched my heart. 
I prayed about my convictions and fell asleep more "awakened".
With my heart determined and fist clenched, I went out the next morning to assess the yard...
...when low and behold....there, off a ways from the pile of feathers, stood my white broody hen, just looking at me.
God taught me an important lesson last night...and....gave a chicken another chance.

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