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Friday, January 22, 2016

Family Friday: Be her Protector

Written by Pastor Mark Cannon

Every man wants to be a hero to his girl. Whether it's his wife or daughter or girlfriend, he wants to be the hero. Men want to be the protector. We protect; we provide; we fix what's broken. We are men; it's what we do.

Every man has an obligation to be the protector and provider for his family, particularly for his wife! Men get that for the most part.

But there is one aspect of protection that most men miss when it comes to protecting our wives. The most common attack on a woman comes from the man she is counting on to protect her! Her husband!

I'm not talking about physical abuse. There are good, caring loving husbands who fail to protect their wives from one particular attacker; his emotions. We men don't think about it, but when we let our anger, our fatigue, our frustration spill out to our wives, they bare the fallout, and it takes a toll on them.

We men do not have the luxury of pouring out our frustration to her, or on her. Husband, you would never allow anyone to hurt or tear down your wife. But do you protect her from your emotions? Do you provide her with a safe place in your spirit?
Keep the anger in check. There is nothing manly about showing her your temper. Protect her from your emotions.

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