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Friday, August 7, 2015

Family Friday: Church Family Blessings

Here at Grace Baptist we have a very close knit church family. We look out for each other, and lend a hand when it’s needed. Today is #FamilyFriday. Can you share with us a time when a member of Grace Baptist reached out and helped you?
 Several years ago our AC unit went out in our house. It was dead. There was no way around it. We had to replace the entire thing. I don’t know about your household, but ours is pretty tight on money at times. We try to keep some set aside for a rainy day, but some rainy days are bigger than others.
My husband and I began to pray that God would supply our need. Air conditioning is a need in south Louisisana! Within a week, I found a large amount of cash in an envelope left on the front seat of my car! Very few people knew of the need we had. 
God answered our prayers, I believe, by using someone in the Grace Baptist family to pay for our new AC unit. This is just one small example of how much the people in our church love and care for one another. If someone has been a blessing to you, let them know about it.
Please take a moment to leave a comment about how God has used someone in your church family to be a blessing.

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