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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teen Tuesday: It is a bad day, so let's build something.

 Written by Bro Johnny Crane

It is a bad day, so let's build something.
Genesis 6:6-22
We live in a world very similar to that of Noah's. Some people say that there is no hope for our generation. Some people say that it is too late for revival. Some say that God will not work as he has before. The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8 "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today; and forever." God is looking for a Noah in our generation that will rise above the wickedness of our generation and find grace in the sight of God.

God judged man, but did not give up on man. All God is looking for today is a man that will do what God asks him to do. The people in Noah's day must have thought he was crazy for building an ark. He preached that rain was coming when no one had ever seen rain before. People will think you are crazy for doing what God has asked you to do, but when the judgment of God comes it will reveal that you were right. It is not too late to build something today.

What are we building today? Many Christians are busy building the wrong thing. They are busy building a career. We have shifted our focus from what God wants us to be doing. God wants us to build an ark in our generation. He wants us to build a youth department that reaches new young people every week. He wants us to build a bus route that reaches the unloved children. He wants us to build a life on the principles of the Word of God.

1.    Let's build something for the Father.
            We are not working for our own glory. We are working to build a solid work for God. God gave the blueprints for the construction of the ark. Will you get busy for the Father and build something for Him?
2.    Let's build something for our Family.
            Noah did not have many converts, but he was able to reach his family. The most important people we can build for is our family. One day you will have children that will need you to build something for them. 
3.    Let's build something for the Future.
            There is coming a generation after us will they have anything built for them? Will there be soul-winning church for them to go to? Will they have a Bible believing church for them to go to? When we build we are building for the next generation.

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