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Friday, April 21, 2017

Family Friday: Teaching Children How to Work

Teaching Children How to Work

        There are so many household jobs that they can be overwhelming!  If there are children in your family, then you can teach them to help out around the house.  This helps parents keep from being so stressed, and helps children learn responsibility.  There is much good to be learned from doing a job well.
        Of course we all want our children to turn out to be responsible adults.  Giving them household chores can help them learn responsibility and good work ethic.  Teaching them how to do certain jobs will increase their ability to learn new tasks, which is very helpful when they eventually get a paying job.  Giving siblings jobs to perform together will teach them how to get along and accept ideas from others.
        Perhaps you want to start assigning chores, but you are not sure about what jobs are age-appropriate.  Here is a simple list of tasks broken down by age group.  Please realize that this is not an exhaustive list; it should just give a rough idea of what your guidelines should be.
·        2-3 years old:
a.   put dirty laundry in a hamper
b.  put away toys and shoes

·        4-5 years old:
a.   help set the table
b.  clear his own place after the meal
c.   fold washcloths and handtowels
d.  pack snacks in his lunchbox

·        6-7 years old
a.   make his own sandwich
b.  sort laundry by color and begin checking pockets
c.   shake rugs outside
d.  feed and water pets daily
e.   make his bed

·        8-9 years old
a.   vaccuum
b.  sweep up
c.   wash some dishes
d.  begin mowing the lawn with an adult
e.   begin some simple, basic cooking or baking

·        10-12 years old
a.   wash and fold laundry
b.  continue learning more cooking skills
c.   increase lawn care responsibilities
d.  sweep and mop

After the age of 13, many children should be able to handle many household chores with ease.  If making a chore chart for your children is easier for you to keep track of jobs, then do that.  Please remember that each child is different in ability and maturity, so be wise when beginning to assign chores.  

 If your children do not do any chores, there’s no time like the present to begin!


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