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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Teen Tuesday: Aleia's Story

Foster Kid
By Aleia Foster

            God always puts you where he wants you to be. When I was younger I always found myself going to church no matter where we moved.  I went through a lot as a kid, so it made me happy to know someone died on the cross for me.  I never fully understood why Jesus died for me and that I needed salvation until the first summer I attended Vacation Bible School. It was a Monday morning during the summer and my mom came in and told me, that the boy next door wanted to know if we wanted to go to church with him. I told her that if Alecia, my sister, went then I would go too and my sister surprisingly said, yes! We rode to church and I remember being scared at first, but then started having fun.
            After Vacation Bible School.  I started going every Sunday and some Sunday nights too. I tried to stop, but Bro. Jon, the Youth Pastor, and Bro. Bob, the Bus Captain, never gave up on me.  They came every Saturday till I started going again. That summer I went to camp also. Thursday night at camp after the evening service our youth group hung out together and really got to know each other. I started to realize I had a church family that cared.  They knew my name even though I only knew some of their names.
As I grew, I started to get even more involved in church and I started soul winning on Wednesdays. During this time, it seemed like I was constantly getting a talk from Bro. Jon about my life, but I was secretly was thankful for it. The youth group helped me through a lot. Yes, they got on my nerves and we didn’t always get along, but when I was having a rough time at home and eventually moved in with my grandma, hanging out with them made me forget about my problems. Soon after moving in with my grandmother, I became a bus worker on my bus route. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with the bus kids and the other bus workers, but because she lived thirty minutes away it was not always easy for me to come to church for every service or activity.
            So, on Sundays I began to stay the afternoon with Bro. Morgan and Mrs. Evan, a couple in the church, so I would be able to attend both services. Soon after, I started to have problems with my grandmother so I moved back in with my mom. There, I had issues getting into school. While I was waiting to enroll into public school, I hung out at our church’s Christian school for two days. The second day at Grace Baptist Academy, Bro. Shannon, my Pastor, pulled me aside and asked if I would consider attending there. Very soon after I moved into Bro. Morgan and Mrs. Evan’s house and began attending a Christian school.
            Through everything I have experienced God has brought 1 Peter 3:9 to my mind many times.  It says “Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but countrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing”.  I have realized that even though my life has not been my idea of perfection, God needed me to go through everything to be what He needs me to be. While I don’t completely understand my purpose yet, He has one for me.  In 1 Peter, God promises to bless me, because God has chosen to call me out. It amazes me that God would look down and choose to use me when I do not see my own worth yet!

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