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Friday, March 13, 2015

Family Friday: Mirror Talks

 Written by Dr. Robert Hooker

Last time I was talking about the how we should teach our children the Word of God throughout the day as God gives us opportunity. I wanted to continue that thought starting with an illustration.
JoBeth used to put up what was called mirror talks for the girls. She knew the one place all girls will visit through the day would be the mirror, so she would write verses with an applicable principle of life on the mirror. She did not do it everyday, but several days each week she would put up another “mirror talk”.

What is vitally important is that we not only teach these principles, but also that we live by them.
In our home we tried our best to teach the girls the Scripture and principles we live by ourselves. JoBeth and I had hundreds of discussions over the Scripture, the principles, precepts and yes commandments. We discussed our trust and belief in them.  We discussed how we would live by them and how we would present them to our children.

Decisions determine destiny, and our decisions will be made based upon our emotions or upon principles. If we keep principles of truth daily before each of us, then it is much more likely that even in emotional situations we will  “instinctively “ choose the principled decision.

We live in a time when it seems we are being led to believe that rules are wrong. We are being taught that rules are harsh and mean and that truth is relative. In fact, truth is whatever you want truth to be. This kind of thinking does not give you a good marriage, it leads to adultery, pornography, lying, cheating, etc. Children with no rules will have no respect for leadership; for in their minds leadership only wants to control and restrict them and of course being part of the generation Y, (the technology generation) the child thinks they are more intelligent than their parents and leaders and therefore do not have to obey them.

Please understand that God did not give principles, precepts, laws, and commandments to hinder or restrict us, but rather, to give us freedom. Sin binds and imprisons but truth sets us free.

All through Scripture those that learned and obeyed the Word of God found freedom and blessing as a people. Those who rejected and disobeyed the Word found judgment and suffering. If we love our family we will teach them truth and we will lead them to obey the truth by our words and our deeds.

In the next lesson we will begin to look specifically at the primary principles that are commonly called the Ten Commandments. 

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