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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We Pray Wednesday: Prayer Testimony

My father had a procedure this past summer which required someone to drive him home

from the hospital. We arrived early for the procedure and, of course, had many parking

spaces to choose from.  I debated for just a moment in my mind about where to park but

ultimately chose a close place so I could get the car in case Dad needed me to pick him

up at the door.  We were given the test results immediately and he was given a great

report!  Upon returning to my Tahoe, I was shocked to see the entire passenger side

was completely damaged.  We called the police to make a report, but all I could think

about was how much my insurance would increase.  I prayed as we waited for the officer

to arrive.  It was amazing that the hospital security cameras had not only recorded the

accident but also showed that the other vehicle was still in the parking lot.  This changed

the ticket from a moving citation to a hit and run and it cost me absolutely nothing on my

insurance!  God sometimes answers our prayers before we pray them!

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