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Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday's Message: Don't Judge Me

Don’t Judge Me
 1 Corinthians 4:3-7
“Don’t judge me!” or “Only God can judge me!” two statements we have all heard and possibly even said.  Why?  Well, I cannot speak for everyone, but when I want to say things like that, it is usually a result of guilt or pride.  If it is a result of guilt, I have already realized that what I have done is wrong and I don’t want to hear anyone point it out for me, and if it a result of pride, I just want to do things my way without any reminder of the consequences.  Does this not describe a miserable, lonely, selfish mentality for one’s life?  We cannot live willingly ignorant of truth, and expect to become anything but fools. We must accept that God’s Word is Truth, and submit our wills to Him.  There is a wonderful spirit of unity that is created when an entire group of people commit to following the same standard. 
Though they can be quite annoying, critics can also be quite accurate.  Next time you find yourself being judged by someone, rather than becoming angry or “righteously undignified” about his statements, consider them.  Though the critic’s motive was likely more destructive than productive, you can still benefit from the situation.  We should not immediately dismiss information based completely on our feelings about its messenger, but rather be willing to accept help even from the most unlikely and even unlikable sources.

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