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Friday, September 4, 2015

Family Friday: His Mercies are New!

This picture says it all!  Each day we find new mercies to go through life, and frankly, I think God has to store up extra for me.  Do you ever feel like you have just gotten something down pat, only to have something else go terribly awry?  It seems to be a mode I am stuck in… I feel like, okay, I have the laundry down, now if I could just get a system for dishes.  They seem to breed overnight, right?  And then when I just seem to have gotten the dishes semi-under-control, the laundry had another baby of its own. Each day comes new with no strings attached.  Today, God has new mercies in store for all the mistakes I will make.  He is so patient, if I would only be consistent about asking Him, He would help me get all of my life under control.  But regardless of whether you are a free-spirit like me (doing whatever pops in your head, and having trouble keeping schedules), or whether you are like my patient husband who is neat, and very schedule oriented, God loves you unconditionally. I think He created me for His enjoyment. He looks down at me and says, “There she goes again,” and shakes His head with a wry smile.  I find pleasure in that. Whether or not your laundry and dishes are done, or whatever it may be that you struggle with from day to day, God chooses to love you, and He wants to help you.  His love is not based on how you feel about Him, and I am so glad He loves me when I am unlovable.  And it is a wonder to me that He does!

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