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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We Pray Wednesday: God is good!

God is so good!  He always answers prayer, although His timing and methods are usually not our own.  That was confirmed when my husband got a new lease on life five and one half years ago.
   In the fall of 2004, Robert was diagnosed with sudden complete kidney failure.  He immediately started dialysis; when he responded well to that, he began a type of home dialysis called peritoneal.  We prayed constantly for healing or a transplant donor.  
              Robert was in and out of the hospital many times during the next four and one half years, including a stay for a blood infusion which set back his transplant possibilities. Finally, he was cleared for a transplant in December of 2008. My parents came from Haiti for a brief missionary furlough, and I was convinced that God was going to send Robert the donor kidney while they were in the States.  I kept almost telling God that it needed to happen before my parents went back to Haiti in March, but I finally realized God's timing is perfect. I started praying differently, and my parents went back to Haiti on March 5th. 
             At 8:15 P.M.on  March 7th,  we got a call saying Robert was definitely receiving a kidney that night.  Our two children, Rachel and Robby, went to a friend's house for a few days, and we went to the hospital.  After a few hours, the transplant surgery began and was finished in three hours. His new kidney began functioning quite soon, and blood flow through the transplanted organ was normal.
              Since that day, Robert has not had any medical difficulties or issues. God continues to show us that prayer works every time, though not in our timing.  His ways and thoughts are completely beyond what we can understand, so we just continue to trust Him. God's mercies are renewed every day, and He is so faithful.

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