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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Teen Tuesday: Insecurity - Part One

Written by Dave McCroskey

When you check your inbox and you don’t have any new messages - do you hit the refresh button just to be sure?
How many times do you look in the mirror before you leave the house every day?
We have American Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent!
Why is our generation so consumed with popularity, good looks, talent, and fame?
In a word: INSECURITY!
I love my life. No really - I do. A wonderful job, fabulous family, amazing fiancé, and
obviously, an incredible God all make my life well worth the living. However, what I have
noticed among others in my generation is that how much I LOVE my life is
proportionately how much other people my age HATE their life. ! !
Why is that? In a word: INSECURITY!
On an individual basis, our generation doesn’t seem to be very happy with who they
are. Insecurity is one of the most prominent and prevalent human emotions in the
world. Everyone experiences it at some point or another. Most people experience it
every day. Many people live paralyzed by it.
Some are so perpetually perplexed by it that insecurity has begun to define them. They
don’t define themselves anymore - insecurity does. “Hi...I’m Insecure....”
One of my favorite portions of Scripture is Psalms 139. In Psalms 139 we uncover such
a potentially life-changing truth - God likes us. He really likes us. He cares enough
about us to know everything about us. He cares enough about us to stay by our side
through good times and bad. He even loved us enough to create us uniquely and then
divinely orchestrate our lives. The truth is that God likes you quite a bit....whether you
like you or not!
In this mini-series, we are going to analyze three human emotions that cause
insecurity. Then, in light of what the Bible illuminates to us in Psalms 139, we will learn
the answer to insecurity and find true, Biblical confidence.

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